Few hours from reality

I'm only few hours from Madagascar, my missions and my new life.


I'm prepared about facing difficulties. I remember when I was in Antananarivo in 2006; the crowd was there, even at 10pm. A lot of taxi drivers were waiting, pushing and calling for passengers. I also remember beggars down the hotel. But the most vivid memory was red soil: children playing soccer onto this red soil, running and so happy.


I only stayed for few days. Misery, diseases and injustices were right onto your face but I humblely wanted to feel the heartbeat of Antananarivo. Of course, few days are nothing to pretend knowing a city and even more a country. But I felt that the city and I had a secret story together: invisible, in the air of the city.


See you tomorrow Antananarivo, after 10 years!

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    Peter Mahoney (lundi, 04 juillet 2016 12:33)

    Hi Nathalie

    Look forward to reading about your new adventures. I think you will be a great teacher. I suspect it is also a deep part of your nature.