Hot New Life

Adelaide is a really nice city. I really enjoyed Melbourne but at first sight, Adelaide is more my kind of city : not too big, 30 minutes to walk all around the city and quick nature access.


Of course, my family and friends are more in Melbourne but at the end, it’s only one-hour flight from Adelaide.


The trip was long coming from Reunion island : 24 hours travelling with a 5 hours stop in Perth! But it worths it!


The first day was an intense one. We managed many things (administrative process, phone, discovering, bank reactivations…) with a 41 degrees outside temperature. I felt like living in an oven…


The main worry for the moment is the accommodation. With only few nights left on a youth hostel and the courses starting soon, I can feel some pressure. But Australia is a country built with optimism and I’ll follow this new path.

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