To start this blog, let’s talk quickly about my past studies and experiences.


I’m coming from Reunion island (next to Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean) and I’ve studied there until my A-level. I moved for my studies in Paris. I’ve started with Literacy in the University of La Sorbonne for three years.


Unfortunately, it was not active enough for me. The content of the program was excellent and teachers were amazing but there was not equality during exams. That’s why journalism was the right choice. After three years in la Sorbonne and without any degree at the year, I was a little bit lost. A friend of a friend was doing courses in journalism in a school and proposed me to come and have a look during an open day.


I’ve passed the test and studied three years in journalism. I had the great chance to have really teachers. One of them, Eric Ouzounian, worked for rock magazines and alternative print press, amongst all his different experiences and another one, Philippe Duvoux was a radio journalist and one of the pillar of France Info. They are still active and working for different medias. They really gave me strong basis, very valuable for all my professional life and not only in journalism.


During my scholarship in this journalism school, I had to do internships. It gave me the opportunity to meet a tutor who really change my attitude. Serge Zobéide was chief editor in RFO Radio Réunion (now Première) in Reunion island. We worked together on my voice for one month, hardly and he gave me as well very strong radio basis which were helpful in other fields as singing and acting.


My first job in journalism was for a health news website, ‘Santé la Vie’. It was a really interesting experience because from the beginning of my pro life, I’ve worked on all medias; video, radio and online articles. I’ve also learnt about CMS.


My second job had more ups and downs. I worked for one year for an audiovisual company. I was doing a very early radio press review about the telecommunications economy for the french global organization, Orange. It was for internal communication and reachable by phone. But I had the chance to edit some corporate videos, to dub and subtitle audio and video content.


Then I worked as communications officer for a film festival in Paris. A friend, Natalie Vella, director of the festival and creator of luxury eye-masks (, proposed me to be in charge of the communication. It was a great experience as it is an international film festival.


Then I moved to Australia and I worked for the communication of different theatres and structures as the Melbourne French Theatre, the Australian Centre of Performing Arts and the horror-gore rock-goth musical ‘Death to Carnivale!’. For this last one, I’ve created their website, directed and edited video trailers and done a little bit of community management.


I’m currently working for ABC Radio as french translator for the Radio Australia website and I’m still looking for opportunities in communications, arts and IT.

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