The right choice

I’m feeling quite anxious about this huge decision of studies. It could change a lot of things.


I’m interested in mainly three options : international relations, education (french teacher for secondary) or a mix of arts, IT and communications.


The program of the International Relations studies is just amazing for the ‘journalist’ I am (have been, I’m quite lost today). It opens career opportunities in international organizations and structures.


I had a good experience in teaching French to a student. But will it be the same in a classroom with a some students bored by it? This one loves so much France, the cultur and the language. And he’s a hard-worker. So I don’t know about it. But at the same time, this job is on the list of job needed in Australia.


And the last mix is because I’ve started with journalism and maybe it could be good not to loose this basis.


I know I’m lucky because of this choice and this financial help from my parents. But I’m so afraid not to do the right choice.


I’ve failed in la Sorbonne and I’ve succeeded in journalism, I’ve worked well according to some professionals but at the end, I’m nowhere. And putting again a lot of energy and hope is such a big risk. I won’t have the energy to face another disaster.


I need to choose ; visa and financial safety, something I’m interested in…

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